$100 Refferals

We love making new customers. But what makes us even happier, is when those customers send us their family and friends. That is why we give anyone who sends us a customer $100. If you buy a truck from us and your payment is $400. All you have to do is send in four people in a month. And if they buy a truck, you get $400. And that means that you have no truck payment for that month!!!!! Image result for piles of money

oil changes

Oil changes that are done on a regular basis are a must. I have seen the inside of motors that have not had regular oil changes. I personally hate the time it takes to get an oil change. The best thing I have found is walmart. I take my car there, drop it off. And I go shopping for about an hour for the things that I would normally need. And before I am done shopping, I usually get a call that my car is done. 

Truck deals

Today I would like to talk about prices of trucks. Sometimes you can run across a truck that is really cheap. Well, chances are its that cheap for a reason. That is why we fully inspect every truck that we sell. And we put our power train warranty on every truck that qualifies. And when it has had all of that done, We price the truck very competitively. And that is why we have been selling trucks for years. 


There's nothing like the thrill of driving a powerful pickup. Whether it's for driving around the city or hauling equipment around a job site, the right truck can make all the difference. Sometimes, though, even the best pickups need a bit of a boost to get a task done.

 At Westfall Auto Sales, we not only sell a variety of pre-owned trucks, but we can also help you with a lift kit. Our certified technicians are experienced in repairs and customization for all light pickups. If you've got a light truck that needs a bit of help getting off the ground, we've got just the tools to make it happen.

 Making an appointment is easy. Give us a call at 813-661-7500 or fill out a quick form online. We'll answer all of your questions and give you an estimate before we get to work. Make your pickup even better by giving it a lift today! 

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